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v380 ip camera

5 Tips to make your V380 camera work

Normally, users can use the App to set the camera's WiFi, then can instantly access the camera. However, the camera might fail to connect with the router , people would stop trying to use it because they felt frustrated. As V380 cameras are very popular, we receive many technical support requests from our clients everyday, the camera failed to join the network during the initial setup is one of top 10 problems.

1. Reset Camera During the Initial Setup

Most of users failed to setup the camera, simply because they didn't reset the camera during the initial setup. By the way, the V380 Wi-Fi cameras only support 2.4GHz WiFi band, if you have the Dual band router, make sure the camera connects to the 2.4GHz WiFi SSID, because it doesn't support 5GHz WiFi band.

2. Try wired connection if Wi-Fi setup fails

If the camera fails to join the WiFi network, users can try the wired Ethernet connection. Simply running the Ethernet cable between the camera and the router. Once the camera is accessible, you can switch wired network to Wi-Fi by operating the App.

3. Enable DHCP and Disable MAC filter

Moreover, make sure DHCP is enabled on your router, otherwise the camera can not get IP address automatically and then join the LAN. Your router's settings will block the users to access the camera. For example, users should disable MAC filter function otherwise the camera will not be able to connect to the LAN.

4. Open ports if the router has firewall rules

For school and office routers, they usually have firewall rules to block certain network ports. Hence the network admin needs to login router's web admin page to open the ports. UDP ports (51700, 51880, 51881), TCP port (8787) should be opened if users want to use V380 Indoor IP cameras.

5. Cameras should be within WiFi coverage

Mounting or placing the camera within the WiFi signal coverage is critical when people use or install wireless / WiFi cameras. Herein we share some tips to help you find a spot with good Wi-Fi signal in your house. As we know, the Wi-Fi signal has the limited coverage, depending on your router, the WiFi signal only can reach max. 10-30 meters in the house, if you install the camera at a blind spot, you either cannot access the camera or have unhappy experience on watching live video. Technically speaking, make sure a -70dBM Wi-Fi signal strength for your camera.
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