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Basic installation & instruction of sricam outdoor ip cameras

This tutorial is only available for sricam outdoor ip cameras, such as Sricam SH024 Outdoor IP Camera, Sricam SP007 Outdoor IP Camera, Sricam NVS001

Introduction before starting set up

Make sure of the following:
1, Your router supports the 2.4GHz frequency band(802.11b/g/n).
2, Your router DHCP is enabled.
3, Your smartphone is connected to the internet with a WLAN/WIFI that the camera will connect with.
4, You kown the WLAN/Wi-Fi password.
5, Your smartphone, camera, and router should be within about 8 feet during setup. After your camera is set up, you can move the camera to your preferred location(the configurations are saved to camera system)

Start set up

Step 01: Product Connection
1-1, Power the IP Camera
1-2, Connect the camera to the network.(Connect the camera to a router or switch with a RJ-45 Ethernet cable.)
1-3, Reset to the camera.(Keep pressing the reset button for 15 seconds.)

Step 02: Sricam APP installation
Method 1, Scan the QR code to download the "Sricam" APP.
Method 2, Search "Sricam" on Google play or IOS App store.

Step 03: Register an app user account
Step3-1, Open SRICAM APP then click register tab(for new user)
Step3-2, Then input your email address and password and repeat password then click REGISTER.(Use a different password not your main email password)
Step3-3, After you registered your account, input the email & password you created and click LOG-IN

Step 04: View the camera on a smartphone
Step4-1, Click ADD NEW DEVICE
Step4-2, Create a device name. Note: the "Device ID" can br found on the label which is attached to the camera.
Step4-3, Note: Here take camera, ID: 1069813 as an example
Step4-4, Change your device password for security purposes but you can skip it if you want
Step4-5, Input your ole admin password(default password) and re-input the new password you created(Note: Numerical only, 6-10 digits password)then click Modify.
Step4-6, The dialog box will pop-up, Click "Confirm"
Step4-7, Then wifi settings will appear(This is for wireless connection) for you to set the camera's internet connection wirelessly. Input your password (If you have DSL). You can skip this step you want.
Step4-8, Tap the play button, that's your camera panel. Single Click for viewing and mulriple click if you want to go to settings.


1, If you experience inconsistent signal, it could be due to 1)too many devices sharing the same internet network. OR 2)the IP camera is too far from the router if using Wi-Fi connectiong.

2, If you fail to setup the Wi-Fi network in step 4-7, please make sure your sricam is not nonnecting to a 5G WiFi signal. You can resolve this issue by
1) reconnecting to a non-5G Wifi signal on your smart phone or
2) skip this step and setup the WiFi by going through the steps under "settings">"Network Setting" on the app.
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