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Home Security Camera FAQs

Q: Why isn’t my camera working?
A: Ensure  that  the  power  adaptor is connected  to your V380 IP Camera,  and  that  the  power is turned  on. Check  that  the IR LED night mode detection is working by covering the camera lens with your hand and waiting for a ‘click’ sound, indicating the camera has changed between day and night modes.

Q: Why isn't my camera connecting to my network?
A: Ensure  that  both  Wi-Fi  and  Ethernet  setup  methods have been attempted. If both methods are unsuccessful, it may be a problem with your router’s security settings.

Q: Camera can not connect to WiFi or WiFi connection is unstable
1. From the camera “Network Settings” page, check to  see  if  the  camera  can  see  your  wireless  router,  and  check  to  see  if  your  phone  or  other  wireless  device  can  connect  to  your  wireless  router,  also  check  the  Wifi signal strength, if Wifi signal is very weak, login to your wireless router and change the Wifi channel to get better signal strength.
2.  Camera  only  supports  Wifi  2.4  GHz,  recommended  wireless encryption is WPA-AES / WPA2-AES, do not use TKIP. Wifi SSID should not have special symbol or space character.
3.  Distance  from  the  camera  to  Wifi  router  is  too  far?  Use Wireless extender to extend the Wifi coverage.
4.  Make  sure  DHCP  is  enabled  on  the  Wifi  router.  Turn  off the AP Isolation mode, turn off the Wireless Access Control or Mac Address Filtering.

Detailed tutorial: How to do When V380 IP Camera Can Not Connect to WiFi?

Q: How  the  microSD/SDHC Card recording works?
A: After inserting the TF card then reboot, If memory card storage  size  is  lower  than  800M,  will  not  record.  If  the camera  is  recording,  storage  size  left  approximate 400M, begin to erase the oldest video footage.

Q: Can the camera work with NVR?
A: This camera is compliant ONVIF standard (2.4 version, Profile S), it can work with third-party NVRs & VMS.  
ONVIF port: 5000; Device discovery port: 3702. It also supports RTSP stream, the RTSP url address is:
Main-stream rtsp://IPadr:554/onvif1
Sub-stream rtsp://IPadr:554/onvif2

Q: My camera stops work I suspect the firmware has corrupted?
A: If  your  camera  stops  work  because  of  the  firmware  issue,  you  can  fix  this  by  manually  upgrading  its  firmware.
Method  1:  Format  your  TF  card  to  FAT32,  then  put  the  correct  firmware  to  the  root  folder  of  the  TF  card  and  insert  it  to  the  camera.  Press  the  reset  button  don't  release,    and  connect  the  power  adapter,  after  5  seconds,  the  camera's LED starts to flick, release the reset button, now the camera is updating its firmware. The process takes 5 minutes,  when it completes, it will reboot.
Method 2: Using the IPC debug tool to force upgrade the camera's firmware.
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