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How to setup 4G LTE network camera?

Specifically talk about the use of 4G network cameras. Before we talk about the specific use method, let's first understand the 4G module used by the general 4G network camera.

There are many 4G network cameras on the market that use the AF760 4G wireless module. The AF760 module is specially customized for 4G security. Many 4G network cameras use this type of 4G module. This module uses a Micro SIM card and supports three types of access to the Internet, such as wired, wireless WiFi, and 3G/4G LTE. The network camera and the 4G module directly support the USB serial port or the RJ45 network port two connection modes (currently, most ordinary 4G network cameras use the RJ45 network port to directly connect with the 4G module).

A 4G network camera will have at least two antennas, one is a WiFi antenna and the other is a 4G antenna. Insert the normal 4G sim card with the flow into the sim card slot in the correct direction, connect the 4G and WiFi antennas, and then power on the camera. Wait for the camera to start, 4G network connection.

After the camera is running normally, there will be flashing lights on the 4G module, which means that WiFi and 4G are running normally. The camera has already connected to the Internet through 4G. At this time, we can use the mobile phone APP to access the camera according to the instructions of the camera. .

If the camera cannot be accessed, in addition to the normal troubleshooting method, we can log in to the management interface of the 4G module to confirm the 4G function of the camera and whether the 4G network is operating normally.

After the 4G camera is started, a WiFi hotspot named “MIFI_xxxx” will be generated. We use a mobile phone or a computer to connect to this WiFi (the default password is 1234567890). After connecting this WiFi, the browser accesses the management interface of this 4G module (the default management address is, the default management address of 4G cameras of different models may be different, subject to the manufacturer's manual), login password Admin.

In the management interface, we can see the running status of the 4G network, and some useful information to check why the 4G camera is not working properly. For example, the sim card has no traffic, it is not recognized, the 4G signal is too weak, the frequency band of the sim card is not supported, and so on.

The 4G network camera can also access the Internet through WiFi bridging, that is, without using 4G, the 4G camera is bridged to another WiFi hotspot that has access to the Internet to achieve the purpose of allowing the 4G camera to access the Internet.
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