How to Setup Motion Detection Alarm

If you don't know how to set up motion detection alarms on the V380 Camera, please refer to this tutorial.

Step1: Enable motion detection alarm

Step1-1: Tap "Setting" button >> "Settings" >> "Alarm setting" be the alarm setting window as pictures FAQ2-1, FAQ2-2 and FAQ 2-3
How to Setup Motion Detection Alarm
Step1-2: Enable "Motion Detection Alarm" and "Alarm Switch" as FAQ2-3
How to Setup Motion Detection Alarm
Step2: Choose motion detection alarm notification mode
There are 3 modes you can choose for get the alarm notification.

Phone push alarm
Enable "Receive Notification" then the camera will push notification to your smart phone when an alarm is activated.
Push notification account is default as the APP login account. If dont't need this function, you can delete the push account.

Buzzer alarm
Enable "Buzzer Alarm" then the camera's buzzer works when an alarm is activted.