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Free Shipping Worldwide on all orders!

How to view my V380 IP camera remotely?

We received user feedback that V380 IP camera could not be viewed remotely, for example: at company, outdoors, abroad, outside the home. We have written a detailed tutorial.

Remote View V380 IP Camera Tutorial:

1. First download and install the V380 APP to your mobile phone (use the mobile phone to scan the QR code on the package)

2. Open the “Settings” item on your phone, select “Wireless LAN” or “WLAN”, search for the router's wireless network signal, and connect to the router.

3. Connect the camera to the charger and turn it on, waiting for the camera voice prompt.

4. Open your V380 APP and register your account.

5. Select to use the wireless wifi connection, enter the wifi account, password in the APP interface, click Next after success.

5. The phone app will search for nearby camera devices and wait for the connection.

6. After monitoring the connection, you can view the monitoring screen.

If you are away from home, you can use the company's wifi or mobile network data to remotely view the camera.
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