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Sricam:How to setup microSD card record and playback

Sricam:How to setup microSD card record and playback

1)  Insert microSD card to your camera

Note: please notice the MicroSD card direction when insert.


2) Format microSD card  and Record Setting

Login “Sricam” App and follow the steps:

Settings -> Record Setting ->Turn off "Record Switch"->Format SD Card -> turn on "Record Switch" 

(Note: If failed to format microSD card on APP,  you can format microSD card via SD card reader on PC.)


3) Setup the recording on microSD card

There are 3 modes to record on microSD card:

Manually Record: when you format successfully microSD card, choose "manually Record" and turn on "Record Switch",

will keep recording on SD card.

Timing Record:  you can choose the time you want to record on SD card.

Alarm Record: when you detect Motion Detection Alarm, and recording on your SD card, please do as below:

How to setup Motion Detection Alarm Record ?

Firstly, choose the record mode "Alarm Record"  from Record Setting Menu; 

Secondly, click "Alarm Setting" button from Settings menu; 

Thirdly, turn on "Motion Detection Alarm" and "Alarm Switch" button.


4) Recording Playback

4-1. Recording Playback on App

Login "Sricam" App, tap settings 0001 icon, select "Playback" to playback the microSD card recording

(Note: each recording is 30 minutes)


4-2. Recording Playback on PC

Please do as below steps:

 A: Unplug the microSD card from your camera, copy the recording to your computer via a microSD card reader.

 B: Download the video  software "Player" from link:

 C: Install the Video Player and playback the recording


 Thank you for your attention.For more Sricam details, please follow the official website of v380


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