V380 Camera Device Setting

After choosing device,you can configure it.The introduction to various function is as follows.

1.Network Setting:
AP mode and station mode can be interchanged;

AP mode: Set the Camera work as a independed Access Point(Hotpot),(The wifi Camera work as a WIFI Access Point,the prefix is ''MV'',ex,''MV31000000'')
Sation mode: Set the Camera work as wifi station,the camera will connect the wifi router you selected,and you can access you camera by internet.

2.Recording Setting:

automatic record: coutinous recording;

record-on- alarm: record with alarm event;
audio record: record the sound;
record resolution: standard-definition(VGA),high-definition(720P)(choose high-definition record,with big record files and short storage time in memory card)

3.Alarm & Prompt:

disarm switch: Close or Open the alarm;
voice master switch: master switch for all voice prompts;
alarm voice prompts: switch for movement alarm voice;
voice language: enable the voice prompts;

4.Date & Time: able to adjust time of device;

5.User Management: able to modify the username and password of camera;

6.Static IP Configuration: Equipment can be static IP is set to manual configurationor automatic configuration;

7.Version Information: able to obtain information of device system and hardware;