1.Q: Does the camera provide a live feed through the app?

A: Yes,it is provided with live feed through the app.

2.Q: Do you also provision to view camera on any website?

A: No,we don't support to view camera on any website for safety.

3.Q: Is there a way to change the alert sound?

A: The camera do not support to change the alert sound now.

4.Q: Can you program the night vision led to turn off, and on while recording?

A: The night vision operates only at night,it automatically turns off during the day.

5.Q: Can the camera work without being plugged into the internet router?

A: V380 Camera have to be plugged into the internet router to work.

6.Q: Does this camera have to be plugged in all the time or can you charge it and put it back up?

A: V380 Camera have to be plugged in all the time,because it have not battery inside.

7.Q: Can this camera be connected to my android through network (NOT wifi)?

A: Yes,you can connect the camera to your Android through network,it support to use by data plan.

8.Q: Does this camera support loop recording?

A: Yes,it supports loop recording,it will record all the time,when SD card is full,it will automatically delete old recording and continuously record.

9.Q: Watching on PC is possible only with app or using a web browser too?

A: Yes,because it can hardly open with others.