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When the V380 Camera wifi signal weak or wrong password? what should I do?

If your V380 camera has problems with weak wifi signals or password errors, please refer to the following solutions:
1) V380 IP cameras here support 2.4ghz wifi only, not support 5ghz WIFI.
2) When the V380 APP says wifi signal weak or wrong password, pls kindly long press the reset buttom for over 10 seconds to reset the camera to factory default settings, so that you can keep the camera, V380 APP, and your wifi router all within same network.
3) Pls use letters or numbers to set your wifi password, do not use complex symbos like " & $ @ " that are difficult to be recoginized by APP.

How to reset to factory default setting:
Pls press the reset button until the device says ¡°camera is reset to default, waiting wifi configuration", then click APP's "Smart Link" to set wifi until it says "wifi connected"
One more point: if you want to use PC software NVCMS to monitor, pls use your smartphone to help set wifi.
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