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Free Shipping Worldwide on all orders!

V380 IP Camera Day and Night Vision Function Home Security Camera



Remotely access your security camera feed, motion events, and recordings to enjoy peace of mind from anywhere. Our WI-FI camera is designed to record uninterupted to provide every small detail. This V380 Home Security Camera support Motion Detection, Video Compression, IP66 Waterproof, APP Remote Monitoring, IR-CUT Night Vision, 8pcs array IR lamps.

 V380 IP Camera


Stunning FHD 1080P Video, record, store and review footage using by a Micro SD card (up to 128GB,not including), easy to playback the videos on your phone, support loop recording,Great for baby care, pet care, warehouse surveillance and other use.

 V380 IP Camera


Full HD view , IR night vision with crisp and clear image even in dark.

 V380 IP Camera

HOME SECURITY SYSTEM-Family Caring, Security Guarding

Intelligent tracking, Time with the beat, Full name record abnormal dynamic, Two-way voice real-time communication, Record baby growth, Guarding your home security .

 V380 IP Camera

TF Card Storage

Support Max 128GB TF Card(not included).Support many people online monitoring at the same time.

 V380 Home Security Camera

Three Enhanced WiFi Antennas, Providing strong and stable signal.

 V380 Home Security Camera

HD IP Camera

 V380 Home Security Camera

Support pan tilt rotation

0~355 degrees horizontal and 0~120 degrees vertical viewing angle, wide monitoring atra.

 V380 Home Security Camera

Support Multiple Display Modes

You can adjust the monitoring pictures freely and choose the angle you want through thr phone APP.

 V380 Home Security Camera

Two-Way Audio

Built-in MIC and speakers, two way audio monitoring.

 V380 Home Security Camera

Remote Monitoring

You can check your home condition remotely via smart phone(for Android/IOS) or tablet if only there is internet connection, no metter where you are.

 V380 Home Security Camera

What Can I Do?

A wireless IP camera is a hassle-free solution that helps keep your home and business secure at all times, No complex cabling is needed. Whether you're using it to monitor children, pets, elderly, home or store, it will bring you complete peace of mind.

 V380 Home Security Camera

V380 Camera Features:

Display Resolution:1920*1080 (2.0 Megapixel)
Lens Type:Metal glass lens.
Angle of View 90°
Zoom:supports 4x digital zoom. 
Image:Frame Rate 25 fps maxmium.
Day and night function:Auto HD IR-CUT
Night Visibility:8 PCS IR illumination LEDs. Night vision range up to 8 metres.
Input / Output:Built-in Mic & Speaker. Supports two-way audio,Easily communication.
MicroSD Card:Supports up to 128GB microSD card for recording and playback.
Recording Mode:Motion Detection alarm recording, Timing recording and Manual recording. 
Record:Standard HD @ 25 fps
Motion Detection:Supported
Storage Path:Supports recording on microSD card, Smart phone and Windows PC.
Playback:Supports remote and local record playback. 
Wireless:IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, Security supports WEP, WPA & WPA2 Encryption.
Online Visitor:Supports max 4 visitors at same time.
Alarm:Supports Email, Phone push and Motion detection alarm functions. The alarm video will automatically record on the microSD card.
Dynamic Domain Name:Own free dynamic domain name
Working Temperature:-10 to +50℃ 
Working Humidity:10% to 90% RH
Phone monitoring:Supports iOS and Android system smart phones or tablet PCs.
Regulatory Type:CE, FCC & RoHS 

V380 Camera Package:

1 x IP Camera
1 x USB Adapter
1 x USB Cable & Screw

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Ask a Question
  • Currently in app I can record video of only 5 minutes. If I add sd in the camera, will I be able to record video on my mobile through hotspot for a very long period of time. If I take cloud then how do I connect camera with wifi

    Sorry, this camera does not support cloud service.

  • How many v380 camera connected with 1 pc

    Max to 4 cameras you can connected with 1 pc.

  • I have the camera IP aswell as username and password, however when i try to access the rtsp stream it never connects, both the windows app and mobile app show the camera stream perfectly. rtsp://username:Password@CameraIP:554/live/ch00_1 is the port wrong? or the stream name perhaps? even if we reboot the camera without connecting via app or windows program the stream is still not accesible

    You can try these link,if all of that can't solve your question.You need to download the app for PC to check it.
    The V380 worked using RTSP_HTTP url:
    Replace user,pass and ip-address with your values.

    APP for PC
    2.Click the link at the bottom of the website.
    download app for PC
    3.Choose the app for PC to download.
    download app for PC

  • software for windows not unzipped , it says archive is corrupted , can not execute??

    You can follow the below steps to download the app for PC.
    2.Click the link at the bottom of the website.
    download app for PC
    3.Choose the app for PC to download.
    download app for PC

  • why sd card recordings not play on my mobile app or pc.??

    Step 1. Install software on PC.

    Download the V380 IP camera's official PC oftware. The software only supports running on the Windows 7, 8, 10 OS, Mac OS.
    Here: Download V380 software for PC, Windows and Mac
    Step 2. Sign in the program.

    Single click right button of the mouse on the software icon to run the program as Administrator. When you access the software's login interface, input the User ID and Password (default user name: admin, password: admin) and press LOGIN button to enter the sign in the program.
    Step 3. Add device.

    On the software main interface, look at the right top part, find out the "Device List" option under the Device Management section and right click your mouse on the option. Click "Add device" in the dialog box.
    Step 4. Set the program and connect to the camera.
    How to watch V380 IP camera live video on PC
    Follow the below picture guide to change some of the specs and fill the camera's ID and password on the software. And click "Confirm" button to continue.

    ● Device type: Choose "SP" here.

    ● Device name: Name the camera on the PC, for example, "front door", "Home", etc.

    ● P2P ID, Password: Input the camera's ID and password here. (The camera's ID and password stick on the label at the bottom of the camera, if you changed the password, please input the correct one.)
    Step 5. Watch live video on the program.

    After the IP camera is successfully installed, it will show on the Device list. Double click the camera, then you can see the real-time monitoring video.

  • Can I use the camera with multiple devices or smartphones. One Android and one iOS

    Yes, V380 camera supports multiple device connections.

  • What is rtsp link format for this camera..

    To connect via RTSP:


    If you are filtering outgoing connections, allow this outgoing ports to camera:

    554 TCP

    6970-6990 UDP

    You can test RTSP stream with VLC media player.

    Possible bug: When you connect to the camera with your phone, disconnect from it and then try to open rtsp stream in VLC media player, it will only load the first frame and stuck there. You need to reboot the camera, connect to rtsp with VLC media player without accessing it via mobile device.

    For the extra paranoid, physically disconnect the microphone on the camera.

  • how to connect the camera, first installation of camera and interest in our house but its in the Philippines, how can i connect if i'm in other country?

    You can refer to this tutorial:

  • Is this a pan camera? Does it rotate and follow the motion automatically?

    No, You need to manually adjust its direction.

  • Hi, my camera works perfectly when I’m home via WiFi, but when Im out doing errands and want to connect only buffers but no image and no functions. But it says is internet connected. Any ideas?

    You can refer to this tutorial:

  • can i view the camera recording on pc please tell me

    Yes, You need to download the software, here:

  • Is there a way to turn off the light when motion is detected at night?

    That's infrared, if it's off, it can't work at night.

  • How maney people use

    It can support 4-5 people simultaneously.

  • How do you change the volume???

    Sorry, can't change the volume, this is the system's settings.

  • Does this camera support Onvif 2.0?

    Sorry, it does not support Onvif 2.0.

  • is it okay for the device to run 24/7?

    Yes, It can run 24/7.

  • Will this work with the V380 pro app ?

    You can scanning QR code download the app for your camera.

  • Where is the sd card slot? I cant find any at all sides of the device, should i open the camera to find one?

    SD card slot

  • long distance how can i camera connecting

    Your camera need connect to wifi.Then you can watch the video anywhere by phone.

  • What is the power source of this camera? Is it possible to operate the device using mobile power bank for 1 - 2 hours in outdoor operation?

    Only 110V-220V AC power supply is supported.

  • How can i change display mode. I want all my cameras to live stream concurrently. Display all cameras live at same tim.

    You can change it on the mobile phone app page.If you have any questions,you can take a photo or video to tell us the details.We will give you the solutions.

  • how do I connect to the power

    There is a power adapter in packing case.

  • My camera installed up right position, but the camera turn to left when I press " Right " on application. Same thing the camera turn to right when I press " left " , please advice ?

    You can take a photo or video to tell us the details.We will give you the solutions.

  • how i can connect pc

    There's two ways to watch the video on the computer.
    You can reference this course.

  • porque sale fallo inicio de sesion? como se resetea

    There is a reset button hole on the camera. Reset and reinstall the camera.

  • did v380 supports the overwrite recording ?

    Yes, V380 camera supports overwrite recording.

  • any software available to monitor it from Mac ?

    You can download the software here:

  • When camera starts it says internet starting wifi connected. How to mute that sound or lower the volume as it disturbs my baby

    I'm very sorry, this is a system setting and cannot be changed.

  • could you please help me 1- To setup TF card video recording as switch on and no app settings every time required? 2- as well as please must include speaker mute option for security reasons. 3- Loop recording is available? we have electricity load shedding problem in our country and need to set automatically record as switch turned on back. any solution?

    All of your suggestions are to modify the system default settings, we will feedback to the factory engineers.

  • Hi, your software for PC is lagging extreamly, is there an update for it or is it on the way ? Windows 10

    Thank you for your advice, we will give feedback to the factory development engineer.

  • How many hour record in 1 Gb

    When recording at 720p, you get about 20 minutes HD footage, per GB of memory.

  • i am planning to buy around 50 qty but my requirement is need to record in desktop pc

    You can view the monitor on your computer, you need to download the V380 PC software, here:

  • Is it Poe support. can i use it without power just PoE LAN.

    Sorry, it does not support POE.

  • how can i connect my ip address of the IP Camera in my pc and phone.?

    You can refer to this tutorial:

  • am unable to search the ip address of the IP camera or search to connect via both my pc and phone

    You can scan the barcode on the camera from your phone.

  • pc softwere setup how to download

    You can download it here:

  • Facing username or password wrong please help...

    We recommend that you reset your V380 camera as shown below:

    1) Keep the camera power on;

    2) Locate the toothpick or pointed button and press the reset button (the default position is at the bottom of the camera or near the antenna) for about 15 seconds until the camera is restarted and then released;

    3) After reset, restore the factory default settings.

  • where can i download the v380 app for WINDOWS?


  • How to connect with camera from anywhere .? How to fetch recording through internet?

    You can download the V380 APP so you can monitor it anywhere, anytime.

  • How to connect this camera from outside?

    It supports the network cable of RJ45 interface.

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