V380 Bulb Light Wireless IP Camera Panoramic Wifi LED Light

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Full HD view , IR night vision with crisp and clear image even in dark.

V380 Bulb Light Wireless IP Camera


Our Wifi bulb gives you the protection and security you need thanks to the wide angle camera lens. The fisheye view provides all angle panoramic surveillance to keep you and your family or your business safe and secure.

V380 Bulb Light Wireless IP Camera


This light bulb camera comes with built-in microphone and speaker, and helps you hear what happens around the camera and talk back through your phone without additional cost for mobile phone calls domestic or international.

V380 Bulb Light Wireless IP Camera

HOME SECURITY SYSTEM - Family Caring, Security Guarding

Intelligent tracking, Time with the beat, Full name record abnormal dynamic, Two-way voice real-time communication, Record baby growth, Guarding your home security (intelligent following, Instant shooting, Real-time abnormality detecting and recording, Instant end-to-end conversation, Barrier free communication, baby growing up recording, safeguard your family)

V380 Bulb Light Wireless IP Camera


You can turn on or off the light simply on your smartphone. Perfect for vacation home control, pet, sensiors and baby security. Always keep you up to date what is happening in your house, Support iPhone OS, Android mobile system.

V380 Bulb Light Wireless IP Camera

V380 Bulb Light Wireless IP Camera

V380 Bulb Camera General:

Image sensor: 8135S+9712Sensor
Effective Pixels: 1280*960
Lens:HD fixed 3.6mm
Video Compression:Dual stream encoding / H.264
TF Card Support: Max.64G
Day and night function:Auto HD IR-CUT
Onvif: Support
Motion Detection:Supported
Coding Standards:G.711A.
Audio Input / Output: Supports two-way audio, built-in microphone and speaker
Video Frame Rate: 30FPS
Night Vision Distance:Up to 10M
Video Tuning: contrast, brightness, saturation, sharpness adjustment
Phone monitoring: IOS, Android,PC
Alarm: Not support
Detection and alarm: E-mail alerts, alarm client
Dynamic Domain Name:Own free dynamic domain name
Network protocol:TCP / IP, UDP, IMCP, SMTP, HTTP, FTP, DNS, DDNS DHCP, PPPoE, etc
Wireless:Supports 802.11b / g / n wireless mode
Operation Temperature: -10 Degree to 50 Degree
Storage Temperature: -10 Degree to Degree
Operating Humidity: 20%-80%
Indoor: Yes
Power Adapter:Yes (Suggest DC5V1A)
Signal Connector: RJ45 Connector
Regulatory Type: CE, FCC, ROHS

V380 Bulb Camera content:

1 * V380 Panoramic Camera
1 * Adapter
1 * User manual

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  • My V380 bulb cam does not detect SDcard after an update was installed, how to fix this?

    Please take the SD card out, format it, and then install it.

  • When I set up the camera in my house I activated the alarm and every time there was movement I got notified but now I don’t get that any more was is that

    Please turn off event detection reminders in settings.

  • What is the web browser URL for this camera?


  • were do i go to get the app

    You can search for V380 in the google play store.

  • Hi! I was able to set the camera and it's working normally. The question I have it's: is there a way to stop other people from reseting the camera? Because to reset it's quite simple, just pressing the whole in the camero for about 3 seconds - I'v done myself. How can I stop people who broke in from doing the same?

    Thank you for your advice, we will give feedback to the factory development engineer.
    You can put the camera in a hidden position, not in a very conspicuous position.

  • Hi Have u any stockist in mumbai

    We don't have an agent in Mumbai, you can buy it directly on our website.

  • I have installed a panoramic camara. However it will not let me PLAYBACK? Does it need some form of card I must buy? Or should it play back on my phone automatically? If not what card should I buy? It is a C380 camara please help!!!

    Use your phone to scan the QR code on the user manual, download the app, and then connect to the app using your phone.

  • Do you have a version of the app for iOS 7?

    Our app has been upgraded to support IOS 8 and above

  • Hi, on the page it says the app supports iOS 7 and higher. I have iOS 7.1.2 and when I tried to install the app I get an error saying it only supports iOS 8 and higher. What can I do? I cant upgrade my iOS and I have only this one phone.

    We will be looking for a lower version of the V380 APP to send to you.

  • remote viewing

    You can refer to this tutorial: https://v380-camera.com/blogs/news/how-to-watch-v380-ip-camera-live-video-on-pc

  • i cant use onvif to my dvr

    The ONVIF protocol port of the V380 IP camera is 8899. Please do not upgrade, the upgraded firmware has turned off the ONVIF protocol.

  • i need to reduce the volume of the start up voice in the camera

    I'm sorry, cannot delete the system's prompt voice and reduce the volume.

  • I have installed the camera v380 pro to my home place problem when um not at home i can not connect to camera but when um at home the camera is working good.What i want to known is why is not connect

    Please check if the V380 camera is successfully connected to wifi, please turn off the phone wifi and network data before checking.

  • app show error wrong Id and password

    Please reset the camera and reconnect the camera.

  • O APP da câmera V380 não funciona se eu estiver a 40 km de distancia? Só funciona perto do Wifi dela?

    It works fine as long as it is within wifi coverage.

  • i’m trying to get my light camera set up but everytime i hit the ‘play’ button to bring up the camera I get a message that says “Login Failed: The username or password is incorrect!”. I can’t find anyplace to enter a user name or password so that I can make it correct. I’m not sure i even know what “correct” would be as on the lightbulb it just says User:admin and there is no password. Please help. This is very frustrating.

    Because you are not registered, you can only view the video after registering. You can refer to this tutorial: https://v380-camera.com/blogs/news/v380-ip-camera-installation-manual

  • what is the password for this camera, I have bought one , the password always wrong (123456789 or 1234567890), how can i resolve this problem

    It doesn't have a password. When you sign up, you need to set a password.

  • So you’re saying I can’t see what’s going on at my house when I’m traveling? Or please tell me how to view camera from a remote location.. thanks

    Please refer to this tutorial: https://v380-camera.com/blogs/news/how-to-view-my-v380-ip-camera-remotely

  • Works great while at home. Cannot get access remotely. I manually enter lightbulb WiFi network code because it doesn’t come up. message says not found. Using iPhone X

    If the camera is working at home, you are outdoors, the camera can't work, maybe your lightbulb camera is not connected to WiFi.

  • I inserted a 32Gb or 16GB MicroSD card into the slot but the app never found the card. I followed the instructions and did it many times but it didn't work. What else I can do? Also, when I go to cloud storage a message pops up showing " Too low firmware version, please update firmware". But when I check firmware it says no update or it's latest version. (current hardware version HwRTS10_WF3_PANO_20160902. So I can't buy the cloud storage as well. Please help.

    1) SD Card needs formatting in the device you are using it in.
    2) You must seriously check that you are using the correct SD card for your Device i.e. SD, HD, Super HD & so on.

  • Hi. The Camera works fine with both android and IOS software but not the PC software. I followed the PC installation instructions as follows: I ran the codec file and then the MVCMS_lite software. I added my device and I get a display of the scene. However, the display is upside down and there seems to be no way for me to adjust the picture. The PC is running Windows 7. Can you help? Thanks

    If the picture is displayed upside down, you need to adjust the direction of the camera.

  • Quando uso o wifi da lampada, funciona e quando uso um outro wifi, não funciona. Tento registrar dá erro de comunicação com o servidor. Procuro gravar os dados do wifi na configuração e não grava. Como devo proceder?

    Please try resetting, then connect to wifi.

  • I got a "light bulb" camera. It has no user manual in the box only this number on the outside of the box. 3D Panoramic Camera...V 380 VR cam V 16 C How do I download the app? How can I connect it to my computer? It has no reset button or SD chip slot.

    You can download "V380" APP, or "V380S", "V380 Pro" on your mobile phone. PC software: https://bluestacksforpc.com/download-v380-for-pc-windows-and-mac/

  • How do i set this up, every time i try to register my camera it tells me I have the wrong email or password. What gives???

    Please reset, reset button at the bottom of the camera, and then set it.

  • I have one these but its saying internet offline what does that mean and what do I do about it coz it doesn't work.

    #1. The antennas of the WiFi IP camera are not fixed well – the antennas are loose.
    #2. Your wireless IP camera does not have power supply.
    #3. You enter the wrong login password.
    #4. The SSID is not the same as the one of your router.
    #5. The WiFi reach is too bad – the IP camera is too far from the router.
    #6. The wireless IP camera gets a wrong IP address.
    #7. The firmware or the software is out-of-date.
    #8. You never configure the wireless settings of your newly bought security camera.
    #9. Your router does not support your security camera’s WiFi channel.
    #10. The network cable has connecting issues (for wired security camera)

  • Can i use this as outdoor camera?

    Yes, You need to install it in a dry place and not be wet by rain.

  • el sowar pa computadoras

    There is a URL in the manual, please enter the URL, click to download.

  • Can I use it as a lamp by turning on with the app? Also, dies it cone with IR light for night vision?

    Yes, It supports LED bulb lighting. Infrared light for night vision, you can buy it here: https://v380-camera.com/collections/indoor-ip-camera/products/v380-bulb-light-wireless-ip-camera-panoramic-wifi-led-light

  • How to install V380 on PC computer or laptop

    Download the V380 software first, then follow the tutorial provided in it step by step.
    here: https://v380-camera.com/blogs/news/v380-camera-software-for-pc

  • witch is the better ios to work with?

    It supports IOS 8 and above.