V380 Camera 720P WIFI Mobile Remote Home Security Camera

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V380 Mini HD 720P IP Camera, Two Way Intercom/Audio

 V380 Camera 720P WIFI Mobile Remote Home Security Camera


Without a specific display, you may use this wifi camera as a baby monitor to view your baby's activity and safety. No matter where you are, you can remote view the baby and control the wireless camera.

V380 Camera 720P WIFI Mobile Remote Home Security Camera


Quick setup this wireless surveillance camera via 2.4G wifi, connected with your android, iOS, tablet and PC in minutes by using the V380. Begin to your seamlessly stream video and recorded video on this security camera.

 V380 Camera 720P WIFI Mobile Remote Home Security Camera


The 720P HD s provide you the best image and video. Using it for video recording, fast forward and playback via micro SD card. With Pan 350°/Tilt 100° and IR led Night Vision, you can view any angle of your home at any time.

 V380 Camera 720P WIFI Mobile Remote Home Security Camera


The built-in microphone and speaker allow voice communicating between the APP and camera side. This baby monitor have Intelligent Motion Alert, you can receive Message Alerts/Snapshots from App to ensure your baby safe.

V380 Camera 720P WIFI Mobile Remote Home Security Camera


64GB MicroSD support insert card, support 24 hours of video or video alarm.

 V380 Camera 720P WIFI Mobile Remote Home Security Camera

Smart IR-Cut Night Vision

The smart IR-Cut filter switches automatically between day and night to reduce color cast in day time and enhance image brightness at night making sure you can get vivid surveillance footage from dawn to dark.

 V380 Camera 720P WIFI Mobile Remote Home Security Camera


Using high-definition lens,picture quality is more clear

 V380 Camera 720P WIFI Mobile Remote Home Security Camera

Motion detection& E-mail alert

With the motion detection function, the camera is able to detect any movements happened in your house and record it. Any movements can be detected and recorded via the motion detection function and alarming e-mail will be sent timely to leave you enough time for precautions.

 V380 Camera 720P WIFI Mobile Remote Home Security Camera

V380 Camera General:

Model No: IPC-8610-Q6
Video Resolution: 1280*720
Wi-Fi modes: 2.4GHz,5GHz
FOV: 120 degrees
IP camera performance: Real-time video capture and recording
Motion Detection Distance: 10m
Compatible Operation Systems: Windows 7,Windows 8,Android,IOS
Product weight: 128g

Package content:

1 * V380 Camera
1 * Adapter
1 * User manual

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  • Can I access the camera at home when I’m at work? If so how?

    Yes, You set up the camera at home and successfully connect the camera. When you are at work, open the phone network or connect to WIFI, open the camera app, select the camera, and you can see the home through the camera.

  • Would I be able to stream on a Roku TV?

    Sorry, the V380 camera does not support this feature.

  • Hi There I just wondering, is V380 works if the wifi of camera and iPhone are different? I mean can I look at the camera when I was out of home? Thanks

    Yes, You set up the camera at home and successfully connect the camera. When you are at work, open the phone network or connect to WIFI, open the camera app, select the camera, and you can see the home through the camera.

  • Will this camera work with my iPhone 7 Plus I can’t get it to

    Yes, It can work with iPhone 7 Plus.
    Please use the mobile phone to scan the QR code on the user manual to download the camera app.

  • I have three (3) units of V380 camera and currently, I cannot play them simultaneously in android. How can view them at a same time?

    You can't watch them at the same time, you can only choose one of them to watch.

  • hi camera is showing offline on mobile data,but it works properly on wifi. i have tried to reset but still not working on mobile data

    You can refer to this tutorial: https://v380-camera.com/blogs/news/how-to-view-my-v380-ip-camera-remotely

  • how to delete alarm picture ??

    If you use V380 pro, please find "Favorite" page on App, and then choose "Album" to delete alarm image and recording video what you want; if you use V380, please find "More" page on App and then choose "Photos" to delete alarm photos and videos what you want.

  • Buenos días, cómo puedo conectarme desde otro estado a mi cámara, ya que me dice que el internet está fuera De linea

    You can refer to this tutorial: https://v380-camera.com/blogs/news/what-do-i-do-when-v380-ip-camera-offline

  • Is there also an English app available for windows (10) computer, I have found the MVCMS. this is in Chinese language

    You can download the software on our website: http://av380.cn/self160.htm

  • How do I set up my camera in Australia

    You can refer to this tutorial: https://v380-camera.com/blogs/news/how-to-view-my-v380-ip-camera-remotely

  • Q1: Well, how do I connect this camera? Instructions in the manual doesn't help... I don't know why! When I search for camera and choosing it to connect - wifi switches to camera as router which results in no connection available. So, I don't understand how to do it. Q2: How do I get camera's MAC? Could be useful for my router with MAC-filtering. Q3: Do you have any manual in .pdf fotmat? Incredible hard to read that very small manual with very small letters.

    You can refer to this tutorial: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/911KXTAx2XL.pdf

  • I want to ask, why in the year, the v380 720HD camera that appeared at Online in 1979? please give me an explanation. thank you

    You need to reset the time in the V380 APP.

  • Unable to download the software to view camera on my laptop

    Please download the software here: http://av380.cn/self160.htm

  • Excellent camera, very good quality. But if this is an IP camera can add it at home assistant?

    Sorry, no.

  • Hello, how can we connect the camera to a computer ?

    Please download this software: http://av380.cn/self160.htm

  • What is the default password for admin?

    It doesn't have a password. When you connect the camera for the first time, it will prompt you to set a password.

  • How do I connect to my home camera when I am in another country?

    You need to connect the camera successfully, the camera needs to be connected to wifi, not too far from the wifi signal.

  • Why am I unable to get the camera to work when I am in my office? It works perfectly indoors but just buffers when outside of the home. I have the Company wifi set up on my phone but it doesn't appear to show on the device.

    Maybe you use a mobile phone hotspot to connect to camera. When you are in the company,  the camera is not connected to wifi.
    1, open the camera app
    2, click on the settings at the bottom right of the device
    3, select wifi connection, select wifi, enter wifi password

  • How to connect camera to Blue Iris software or other suvelens software? My camera is: V380 Camera 720P WIFI

    Sorry, it does not support other software.

  • è possibile collegare la camera V380 alla tv

    V380 can't connect to TV, it doesn't support this function.

  • During daytime hours my camera has a red tint and not showing colours correctly. It could be that the IR is stuck on. Is there a way to fix this? I have tried power cycling the Camera. Thanks.

    Can you shoot a video and send us a video link? Our engineers will solve the problem for you.

  • How can I control and view at Window 7?

    You can download the software here: https://v380-camera.com/blogs/news/download-v380-software-for-pc-windows-and-mac

  • Does the camera have to have a constant power supply connected?

    Yes, It does not support POE.

  • I reset the camera but then it ask for camera password and upon checking at the bottom of the camera the password already faded and cannot do the configuration now. Please reply

    After resetting the camera, you will need to reset your password.

  • Does the camera support rtsp and what is the path?


  • I bought a camera and I plan to send it to my relatives overseas, Once I get them to connect the camera to their wifi, can I access the camera from my mobile? (I will be overseas away from their wifi while installing it)

    When your relatives successfully connect the camera, then share the camera with you, and tell you the password, you can connect the camera by installing the same app.

  • I've purchased 2 V380 cameras. Its working with my android. But I want Windows PC software for this. How can I get this? Please help me.

    Please download it here: https://v380-camera.com/blogs/news/download-v380-software-for-pc-windows-and-mac

  • I have access to neither an Iphone nor Android phone, is there some way to get this camera to connect to a wifi router using Windows 10 please?

    Please use your mobile phone to scan the QR code in the user manual and download the APP.

  • Can we access this camera through PC ?

    Yes, Please download the PC software installation here: https://v380-camera.com/blogs/news/download-v380-software-for-pc-windows-and-mac

  • i need a MAC ID to the camera to be able to connect to my wifi where do I find the MAC ID???

    Enter the router to see the IP address of the device to see the MAC address.

  • Can I save the video stream at real time in a cloud storage? Presently I am saving in 32GB SD card. I didn't find any cloud or FTP related option in the apps. Please guide regarding saving in cloud .

    Sorry, It does not support cloud storage.

  • I want to reset my V380 WIFI Mobile Remote Home Security Camera. Looks as the same as here. https://v380-camera.com/collections/indoor-ip-camera/products/v380-camera-home-security-camera But when it starts up, it seems to hang. Says "System is starting", but then it sound like its looping, and dont say the whole message. Nothing else is happening. I tried to reset by long press the button in the back, but it has no effect.

    Please try to update the firmware.

  • What is the url for the live stream?

    It does not support this feature, you need to download the PC software installation.

  • Why my V380 Camera 720P WIFI Mobile Remote Home Security Camera failed to connect with my wifi? The mobile application cannot connect to the camera via my wifi. What should i do to make it work?

    You can refer to this tutorial: https://v380-camera.com/blogs/news/how-to-do-when-v380-ip-camera-can-not-connect-to-wifi

  • How to set camera to autorecord

    Sorry, It does not support automatic recording.

  • The camera don't send push notification or mail when detect an alarm

    Please check if the alert settings are correct.

  • Is possible to integrate it with the "smart life" app?

    Sorry, it does not support.

  • I purchased the V380 camera and setup it up with my wifi. But however, I'm not able to view it from outside my wifi i.e when I am outside my home. How do I set this up?

    Please check if the V380 camera is successfully connected to wifi, please turn off the phone wifi and network data before checking.

  • I am not able to see live video from windows application. I have successfully installed in my pc, but just showing black screen in the application. How to fix it?

    Please refer to this tutorial: https://v380-camera.com/blogs/news/how-to-watch-v380-ip-camera-live-video-on-pc

  • Can this camera using POE switch to supply the power?

    Sorry, It does not support POE power supply

  • I have turned my camera on and it keeps only saying "system is starting" it has said system is ready then it says system is ready and i cant get it to cdo anything else

    The camera prompts you to be ready, you need to download the app, then use the APP to connect to the camera. Note: The phone needs to be connected to the wifi.

  • How do I use my V380 camera wirelessly

    You can refer to this tutorial: https://v380-camera.com/blogs/news/v380-ip-camera-installation-manual

  • How to monitor using my cellular phone outside in my house.

    Please refer to this tutorial: https://v380-camera.com/blogs/news/how-to-view-my-v380-ip-camera-remotely

  • What do i need to download on my phone so my camera will work.

    Please use your mobile phone to scan the QR code on your camera and download the APP.

  • How to mount this camera on wall ? Could you please share video ?

    Please mount the base on the wall and mount the camera on the base.

  • i cant remember my password

    If you have forgotten your password, you can try resetting the camera, reconnecting the camera, setting a new password.

  • Is it possible to connect camera to cloud storage?

    Sorry, this camera does not support connecting to cloud storage.

  • I have two of your V380 Cameras and have tried everything to connect them with NO luck. I have tried through a Desk top computer, An Apple Mac , A iPhone 7 Plus , An Ipad. What am I doing wrong.

    You can refer to this tutorial: https://v380-camera.com/blogs/news/v380-ip-camera-installation-manual

  • I get a Login failed message when I try to view the video. It says The username or password is incorrect!. Tried to reset several times.

    May be the camera's wifi disconnected.

  • I am using the “V380 Camera 720P WIFI Mobile Remote Home Security Camera” and I can’t view the camera outside my home when I don’t connect to my wifi or the camera AP hotspot. How do I view from outside?

    You can connect the camera with a network cable.

  • Tried to register did not receive email comfermation to set up username and password

    You can refer to this tutorial: https://v380-camera.com/blogs/news/why-cant-my-mailbox-receive-the-v380-app-registration-verification-code

  • What is the difference between this model and the 960 model? Can both continue to video record even when doing playback? Are both lens angle the same without the pan n tilt. Thanks

    The resolution of these two cameras is different, they support the Pan 350°/Tilt 100°

  • What type of Memory card does this camera use, I have many cards already and none seem to fit.

    Support 64GB MicroSD Card.

  • Who can I contact for support about my V380 720P cameras?

    Here: https://v380-camera.com/pages/contact-us Describe your problem in detail, there will be a technician to contact you.

  • Can I put a camera abroad and it will still be recording?

    Yes, It supports recording video.

  • On registering on the app I am not getting the email with the code. I have not received any email.

    If you can’ t find the email with a verification code in your inbox, you can go to the spam or junk email to get it. Some mail servers can automatically identify spam and suspicious emails, then mark them as spam, thus some emails can be intercepted by mistake.

    If you have not received a verification email, please use your mobile phone to register.

  • I cant seems to connect the device to my WIFI using V380 pro. I had been sucessful twice before. It seems that the device is unable to detect the WIFI. Any solution you can offer?

    You can refer to this tutorial: https://v380-camera.com/blogs/news/v380-ip-camera-installation-manual

  • Does the camera have to be electrically plugged in all the time or does it contain a re-chargeable battery? If so...how do I know when its fully charged so that I can disconnect it from the charging chord?

    The V380 camera does not have a built-in battery, you need to always plug in the power.

  • I can't get the night vision to work. The image comes out gray with static. How can I get this to focus?

    You need to set it in the V380 APP.

  • Hola como puedo hacer que grabe un video cuando se detecte un movimiento. Porque solo se graba una foto .

    You need to set it in the V380 APP

  • Does the V380 Q6 offer encryption? SSL/TSL?

    V380 Q6 offer SSL encryption.

  • How do you update the firmware?

    When we release the firmware, the V380 APP will prompt you to upgrade the update.

  • Does the motion detector function alert your phone if it detects motion?

    Yes, but you need to set it in the V380 APP.

  • welche sd Karte benötige ich für v380 Kameras? Which sd Card i neede for v380 camera?

    It support micro sd card

  • I tried to install it . I got the camera number on the wife and connected to it and registered with my email and when I go back to the network setting on the app it just doesn’t show my wifi or any other wifi . How do I fix this

    Can you tell us which camera? Or take a picture and send it to us.

  • How to access video from Browser?

    There are detailed steps in the instruction manual, you can download the software on your computer.

  • what is the original password?

    You can press the reset button, reset Password.

  • Does it save video recordings even without an SD card?

    No, You need to insert an SD card.

  • Does resetting the camera (reset hole button) deletes previous video recordings?

    No, It will reset your settings and will not delete your video.

  • How do I access camera outside the home, on another network?

    You can download the V380 APP on your mobile phone and access the camera through the app.

  • How i can change the email password?

    Do you want to change the account email password on the website?

  • 2 questions, first, how to disable the camera startup sound and what is the comunication protocol for accessing from other software?

    Sorry, unable to disable the sound of the startup, its startup sound is very small. You can connect via WIFI or download the V380 app on your mobile phone.

  • If their is a way to reset the password of the camera, because I don't remember it.

    There is a reset hole at the bottom of the camera.

  • How to remote view the camera, the steps shown in the Q&A are for local network.

    You can download the V380 app from the Google Play OR Apple Store and set up and connect in the app.

  • Good day, how can I synchronize the camera with my cell phone ?. Did they change the key of the router that gives the signal to the webcam.

    You need to download the V380 app on your phone, then refer to this tutorial, https://v380-camera.com/blogs/news/how-to-see-the-life-video-of-v380-camera-in-mobile

  • Can the v380 be accessed from the Internet, and if so, which port is it using?

    It provides RJ-45 interface

  • this camera clearly shows PC or Mac connective on your ad and box. How is that accomplished. There is no information on the user guide or Mac or PC app available.

    Detailed user manual in our product box. Or you can refer to the steps:
    Download and Installation:
    1.Enter 'www.av380.cn' and click 'V380 camera online CD'
    2.Android Users: Move to ''Android '' and scan the QR code to download.
    iphone Users: Move to ''Apple'' and scan the QR code to download.
    Boot Device V380:
    (1)Long-press the 'Reset' key to restore default setting and activate 'Wifi Smartlink'.
    (2)The device will give you a voice confirmation.
    Open V380 App:
    (1)Make sure your phone is connected to your router, then click 'Wifi Smartlink' option in your app.
    (2)When the configuration page displays, input your router password and click 'Next' to connect(your device to the router).
    (3)The device will give you a voice confirmation when it's successfully connected.


    It supports two mobile phones. You just download the app on your phone and connect to your camera:
    (1) Search ''V380'' in Google play or Android Market and install it. Or you can install corresponding *.apk files from the optical disk.
    (2) Search ''V380'' in Appstore install app.
    (3) Scan QR code to install.

  • I purchased v380 camera not able to setup please help

    1. You can download the ''V380''APP in app store/ google play. Or you can scan the QR cord to download it.
    2. After insert the charger, the light will be red when you connect the power, and you should wait for the light to flashing status.
    3. Make sure your phone already connect your wifi router.
    4. Input your wifi account and the password in the app(The camera not support 5G wifi,only support 2.4G wifi).
    5. Then the light will stop flashing if the configure successful. If not successful, please reset the camera(Press the reset button in the back hole for 5-10 second),and try to configure again.
    6. After configure successfully, you can use 3G/4G network to see the camera video when you are out.
    Any question, please contact us, we will help you to solve all the problem, or give you a best solution.