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Important Note of V380 WIFI Camera

Device which support Smartlink configuration can issue prompt ''waiting for wifi smartlink configuration''.The default setting of other devices loke outdoor cameras is AP Hotspot Mode and it can be configured according to ''AP Quick Configuration'' or ''Hotspot Configuration''.

1.The WIFI Camera default mode is:WIFI Smart Link.

2.If you want to change the WIFI router,you need to reset the WIFI Camera:Push the WIFI Camera ''Reset'' button for 10 seconds(some model PTZ Camera's reset button at the bottom of the camera),then the camera will restore the default setting.

3.You can set the camera to work as the independent Access Point(Hotpot)by push the ''reset'' button on the camera for 1~2 seconds if the camera smart link mode,or change the mode by APP's ''Network setting''.

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