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Free Shipping Worldwide on all orders!
Multiple NEW Arrivals:V380 1080P 2MP  Micro Security Camera Spy Camera.

Multiple NEW Arrivals:V380 1080P 2MP Micro Security Camera Spy Camera.

Our micro cameras are usually used for under sized situations. High-resolution board camera is ideal for hidden surveillance and our low-lux miniature camera provides good image clarity in low light conditions. Our miniature snake camera has a built-in pinhole lens that is easy to see in hard-to-reach places.

These miniature cameras have a resolution of 1080P. This ensures the sharpness and image quality of the captured video.In addition, there are other attractive functions.


Frame rate (expressed in frames per second or FPS) is the frequency (rate) at which consecutive images called frames appear on a display. The term applies equally to film and video cameras, computer graphics, and motion capture systems. Frame rate may also be called the frame frequency, and be expressed in hertz.

The more frames per second, the smoother the action displayed. In general, the minimum amount to avoid a lack of fluency is 30.

V380 Full HD 1080P 30fps 120° Lens Motion Detects Battery Powered Mini Camera



V380 X5 HD 1080p 30FPS Wide-angle Small Secret Micro Mini Camera Tiny Video Night Vision




Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) is a term used in the surveillance camera industry to refer to high-dynamic-range imaging.

Implies that the camera can handle bright and dark conditions and improve quality of freeze frame.On an overcast day with little sun and few shadows, there will be a fairly low dynamic range, i.e. there will be no areas of deep black and no extreme bright spots. On a sunny day, however, in a scene with distinct shadows, there will be a greater difference between the brightest and darkest areas, and this is what we call a wide dynamic range or WDR (also known as High Dynamic Range, or HDR). There are also dynamic ranges that extend further than the camera or the human eye can perceive. One example is when you take a photo of a person in front of a bright window.

The V380 website has several cameras supporting WDR function, whether it is outdoor camera or indoor camera,mini camera. 

V380 W16 HD 1080P 2MP WDR Infrared Night Vision Mini Security Camera



ESCAM PVR001 HD 720P P2P Private Cloud Waterproof Security IP Camera


FPS and WDR functions can greatly improve the video quality and viewing effect, which are not easy to be noticed by users but very practical. 
Thank you for your attention to the v380. There will be more function introductions and product launches in the future. If you want to know more about the monitoring camera, please continue to pay attention to the v380 website


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