V380 Camera Overview

V380 Camera is a kind of WiFi camera product integrated with remote configuration camera,remote viewing,remote playback.It is a new generation of intelligent technology application,can conveniently realize the remote video information and management.It is Roughly divided into three kinds of cameras on the website:V380 Home Security Camera,V380 Outdoor IP Camera,V380 Bulb Light Camera.You can have a general understanding through the pictures as follows:

There is no big difference between them in functions.But,why do we choose V380 Camera?
In general,I will explan it through three aspects:

For Functions:

What does V380 Camera has?
1.Fixed 3.6mm HD Lens with 720P or 960P Resolution,that you can have a clear image for monitoring.
2.Designed with TF card slot,you can insert Max 32GB or 64GB TF card for recording video in it.
3.provided with hard drive
Note:Recently,most of people are eager to know whether V380 Camera have battery or not.The answer is no.Here,V380 Camera needs to charge for operation.

Maybe you are more focused on What does V380 Camera support?
You may not specifically realized its functions with the sentences below.Here are the details.

1.Support Auto IR-CUT function:That means even at dark night,V380 Camera also can catch the clear images as the daytime.Also,each camera has different range of night vision.
2.Support Android and IOS system of smart phone ot tablet PC:V380 Camera has its own App for remote monitoring.You can look though the video on your mobile or PC even you are not at home.
3.Support two-way audio for communication:V380 Camera is built in Microphone and speaker,thus it supports two-way intercom.Meanwhile,it can be used for several people for communication at the same time.For example,you can cummunicate with your parents,children or other relatives simutaneously.
4.Support Waterproof:It only supports the outdoor cameras what mentioned above.And another two are not support.
5.Support Motion detection,Email Alert(Others:Timing recording,Manual recording):V380 Camera can provide a live feed through App.It can detect abnormal condition in your house.And will send abnormal image to your phone and record the video.
6.Support to rotate:one is need to know that each camera has different rotations,which is according to the specification offered on the product.But V380 Bulb Light Camera supports 360 Panoramic views.
7.Support cycle recording:Just mentioned above,you can insert TF card to record,which directly means V380 can record continously.Because,V380 Camera can automatically delete the oldest record once the TF Card is full,and it will record continuously.

For Operation:

After understanding what V380 Camera can do,and next to know how to use it.

V380 Camera Quick Guide for Setting:

1.You can download the ''V380''APP in app store/ google play.Or you can scan the QR cord to download it,and download on V380 Camera website:
2.After insert the charger, the light will be red when you connect the power, and you should wait for the light to flashing status.
3.Make sure your phone already connect your wifi router.
4.Input your wifi account and the password in the app(The camera not support 5G wifi,only support 2.4G wifi).
5.Then the light will stop flashing if the configure successful. If not successful, please reset the camera(Press the reset button in the back hole for 5-10 second),and try to configure again.
6.After configure successfully,you can use 3G/4G network to see the camera video when you are out.
Any question, please contact us in aliexpress, we will help you to solve all the problem, or give you a best solution.

More Setup Details can be reviewed here:http://www.v380-camera.com/blog/v380-camera-device-setting/
More Usage Problems can be seen here:http://www.v380-camera.com/blog/v380-camera-faq/

For Daily Use:

In terms of above two parts,You can achieve network live audio monitoring for all details in your house,communicate with others instead of mobile,and regard it as a alarm clock.With such multiple benefits,why do not choose V380 Camera?

More information about V380 Camera will be updated immediately once we got it.